Gundam Evolution - Masarai Gameplay Preview

28 Maret 2022
Gundam Evolution Masarai (from Gundam Unicorn) gameplay preview Masarai Main Weapon: Fedayeen Rifle - More stable aim if you aim down sight - Recoil little bit big if you hipfire - Mid-range weapon Ability 1: Fedayeen Rifle (Blade Form) - Can knock back enemy - Can be used after using "Sea Serpent" Ability 2: "Sea Serpent" (Hook) - Hook enemy into you while doing damage, stun effect applied - Can hook shielding enemy but cannot apply the stun effect Ultimate: "Sea Serpent" (Electrocute) - Area attack using sea serpent's lightning - Inflict damage and stun the enemy - Shield will nullify stun === Gundam Evolution is brand new f2p previously PC exclusive but also comes to console (PS4/5 and Xbox One/Series PvP game by Bandai Namco that currently in development. Video Source: ===== Diorama is gaming, film, and pop culture media based in Indonesia and part of Indonesian national media, We will take care of gaming and pop culture exciting informations and fun facts. Stay tuned for more contents. For more gaming, film, pop culture, and reviews, please visit (Indonesian language).

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