Tower of Fantasy Gameplay PC Battle

22 Juni 2022
First look at some battle scene of Tower of Fantasy PC version in CBT 2. Not included with prologue battle. You also can see how the UI is too similar to Genshin Impact and the game shows that you can meet the other players here. The tower system to open the map also the same. Tower of Fantasy Closed beta 2 is now open in South East Asia only through campaign until June 27th. But if you insist want to download the PC version, you can access it here on this link: • Connect with Diorama: • Website: / • YouTube: • Instagram: • Facebook: ===== Diorama is gaming, film, and pop culture media based in Indonesia and part of Indonesian national media, We will take care of gaming and pop culture exciting informations and fun facts. Stay tuned for more contents. For more gaming, film, pop culture, and reviews, please visit (Indonesian language). #toweroffantasy #gameplaypchd #pc #toweroffantasygameplay

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