One Piece Odyssey Gameplay PC Max Settings

14 Januari 2023
One Piece Odyssey is available now for PC, PS4/5, and Xbox One/Series. This is the PC version with DS4 as controller. Steam version unfortunately don't have Indonesian language support as the Steam page suggest for you who happened to be Indonesian at this time of writing. We don't know when the Steam version get the Indonesian language as the PlayStation 4/5 got it. Might as well ILCA or Bandai Namco changed their mind or just added at the next patch. Steam Link (PC) • PS Link (US) • PS Link (ID) • Xbox Link • === Connect with Diorama: • Website: / • YouTube: • Instagram: • Facebook: ===== Diorama is gaming, film, and pop culture media based in Indonesia and part of Indonesian national media, We will take care of gaming and pop culture exciting informations and fun facts. Stay tuned for more contents. For more gaming, film, pop culture, and reviews, please visit (Indonesian language).

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